Fiberglass Pool Repair/Closing


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Question Fiberglass Pool Repair/Closing

Hello everyone,

My rental property has an in-ground fiberglass pool. It's pretty old, but was in pretty good shape. No major problems prior to Hurricane Rita.

The property was hit by a tornado during the hurricane. I haven't been able to get a repair person/contractor out here to look at it yet. Not too many in this area deal in fiberglass anymore, apparently.

All of the water was gone from the pool immediately after the storm (sucked out or under the pool?). Then, the water rose to about 3 foot in the deep end. The sides are bowed in some and the shallow end feels like a trampoline. Any idea what's going on here? Don't want to put any water in it to keep the sides out until a contractor looks at it. The insurance co. has looked at it, but doesn't know anything about pools. From what little I've said, does it sound like it may have a crack? I don't see any visible cracks above the water line. I would appreciate any advice and/or opinions.

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Although I am not an expert in fiberglass pools, I would say you are right on track about a crack in the pool. Even though you are not showing a crack in the gel coat it may be cracked under that in the actual fiberglass shell. Because of the location, if a repair were to be effective you would have to lift the pool out of the ground to repair it. My recommendation would be to replace it. It has been through a great ordeal and the structure may not be what it should be. You will need a fiberglass company to render the final opinion on this one.

Good luck,

Guru of Pools

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Thanks for your reply, Guru. You've given me some direction. Appreciate it.
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Yeah, the last guy's got some good points --- im not *too* familiar with fiberglass pools so please don't take this as gospel (take it as someone's opinion -- everybody's got em!! lol)

but take this into consideration ---

by the time you lift the shell out of the ground (with either a crane or back hoe) to fix this crack (a crack that has not been 100% located), you'll tear up your coping and some decking (assuming your pool has it) ... all those returns and skimmer lines will get cut, and then retied ... the surface beneath and around the pool may need some repair ...

And then once the crack's fixed --- everything that got tore up will need the be repaired (plumbing, coping, decking, backfill, the yard after equipment is on it)

plus, you say the sides have bowed/buckled --- not sure how that is repaired (I'd assume in a factory somewhere ...)

so --- at that point, financially and physically, you are halfway to a new fiberglass pool --- and you might as well get a brand new one, cuz like the last guy said --- who knows what its been through

and --- ask yourself (ESPECIALLY since this is a RENTAL property) -- is it worth having (although if your insurance company can take of it, all the better)??

Good Luck!! Let us know how it goes

by the way --- I'm assuming you're on the Gulf Coast somewhere --- Fiberglass pools are popular around the coasts --- have you tried a lot of companies???

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