Question about Spa Glue/Cement


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Question Question about Spa Glue/Cement

Hey everyone !! My first post here...

Here's the problem:

I inherited an old (15 years+-) spa and have some issues with a joint I am trying to stop coming apart.

This joint is right after an elbow that is connected to the heater outflow. The previous connection came loose after filling the tub, heating the water and running the pump. The connection at the time was a PVC flexible hose to a PVC hard pipe. It looked to me upon disassembly that the stuff that was used before was almost like a clear silicone - not sure about that.

I purchased some PVC cleaner and cement from a local spa store - IPS Weld-On P68 Primer and IPS Weld-On 700 Plastic Pipe Cement). After installing the new connection and (of course) filling and reheating the spa it let loose again (my downstairs neighbors still won't talk to me).

So I went after it again today and removed the flex hose out of the equation and replaced that with some PVC pipe that I cut from an old washing machine drain pipe that is no longer used. The pipe is black in color, if that makes a difference.

And again today the fitting came loose after refilling, reheating and powering up the spa. The temp was almost at 100°F and the glue seemed to appear as if it had melted. The time between when I glued it and when I filled the tub was aprox 2 hours. The heat was almost up to temp at another 3 hours after that.

I then looked around the net, found your forum and decided to post my Q to you spa and tub Gurus.

I read about the flex PCV pipe glue, but I have now taken that pipe out and have just a straight PVC to PVC joint (keeping in mind that one of the pipes is a different color ie black).

So, what am I doing wrong here? The glue won't stay glued - it seems to get soft when heat is applied, and the pressure from the pump loosens the joint. I did make sure I applied a liberal amount of cleaner to the joint. I am at wits end here,, my GF is sick of my promises of tubbing and all my downtairs neighbors won't talk to me.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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hmm ... hopefully someone older and wiser comes along after me and gives a better answer, but I'm still gonna take a crack at it

so you're biggest problem is the glue melting ?? you said you left it to set up for approx 2 hours --- I assume that it did in fact set up ...

I can't guarantee this'll work ... but give it a shot

go to a plumbing store (not Home Depot or anything like that) and get a hold of some PERMA-TEX (or as I call it, 'the black stuff')

it is heavy duty pipe dope. Pipe crews use this stuff when they can't pass their pressure tests --- it is good stuff

oh --- don't get it on your skin or clothes, the stuff is like tar

it might work!!! the more I think about it --- it just might work

oh --- and instead of cleaning the fitting --- can you just replumb everything from the heater return line?? Sometimes it is hard to get fittings to hold after they've had glue on them ...

not sure what to tell you about your washer/drye hose ... I prolly wouldn't have done it ... but if it works --- awesome!!!

let us know how it goes!!!
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what about installing a copper heat sink off the heater. this will allow the heat is dissapate before comming in contact with the pvc???
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Originally Posted by joelt
what about installing a copper heat sink off the heater. this will allow the heat is dissapate before comming in contact with the pvc???
Is this a threaded fitting? Or a slip x slip glued fitting? If the pipe you’re using is black it probably ABS and is not designed for pressure or heat. You need schedule 40 PVC at a minimum.
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pool guru, you are correct. i missed the fact he said it was black. its probably poly pipe and that gets clamped not glued but NEVER to a pool heater, use pve sch 40 at the minimum or again, coppe rheat sinks work best. thanks for picking my up there guru!
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black pipe is NOT pvc

get new fittings and reglue - let it sit for 24 hours.

don't use too much glue it will melt the pipe if it pools in one spot.

Very hard to reglue pvc - especially if under pressure - fittings are pretty cheap, just start over - flex pipe works fine - it is your friend.
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old ranch house using flex pipe on a heater is a big NO-NO. it will begin to melt and give way at the joints over time. Use what the manafactuer recommends, either sch 80 pve or copper heat sinks that allow the heat to dissapate.
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you may be correct about the pvc flex out of the heater (not sure why it would "melt at the joints", though) but our tub sure has regualr pvc coming off the heater...???

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