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I just bought a house that has an indoor sauna. It is lined in cedar & has a built in bench. I have no use for a sauna. It is quite expensive to break down the walls & remove the sauna. Can I just use this as a closet? Do I need to do something to it? (what makes it a sauna?) Thanks/Jina
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I would love to have an indoor sauna, I certainly don't need more room for my shoe collection/or wardrobe. Although this would provide a bench to sit on to try the two pair I have on!. I'd say you need to disconnect "all' power to the heater element/timer and such. You may be able to leave the light fixture, if included. One question I would have is "mold", i'm wondering if there's any chance of that being a problem.
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You should consider yourself lucky to have a sauna.

Many Finns hang their wet clothes in there to dry. As for what you have to do to use the room for storage/closet. You can disconnect the heater so someone does not accidently turn it on but other than that enjoy your very expensive closet.

Saunas are designed to be tight (little ventilation) so it may get stuffy if you leave the door closed. There should be nothing in there to cause mold like a shower.
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my question is why do you want to NOT have a sauna

they are so cool --- and unique too --- not too many folks get one

and to turn it into a closet would be like using a $50 K SUV as a work truck
or converting a swimming pool into a bath tub -- or a feeding trough

not to keep beatin the issue --- but jeez!!!
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Sorry I asked

I appreciate the real answers I recd, but, I cannot use a sauna. I have a skin condition & the worse thing for it is heat. Honestly, if someone wanted to use a 50K SUV for a worktruck, whose business is it? I was just trying to get answer. Ive been using DIY for years now & no one has ever judged me. Thanks lots & Merry Christmas to all!
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gosh, when you put it like that, i guess im a terrible person

sorry to tantalize you

Merry Christmas

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