Black (carbon?) coming from pool lines


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Unhappy Black (carbon?) coming from pool lines

So, i was cleaning my filters yesterday and decided to move this one valve that I have never moved before (been in the house 6 months) to see if i could get some more pressure in my filters (Pressure is low, but it turned out to be a cracked manual air release valve). When i moved the valve black 'mist' started poring out of the lines that put the water in the pool. I guess it is carbon, but i don't know what to do about it. We let the pump run all last night and the pool is still cloudy. Any suggestions? Im trying to avoid a full drain right now. Thanks in advance
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More than likely it is a form of algea or mildew that formed the pipe that never had water circulating through it. The best way to clear the water if the filter doesn't do it in a few days is to use a flocing chemical. You can buy them at most any pool store. Only use the perscribed amount in this case to much is not a good thing. You just add the floc and shut the system down over night and the next day vacuum the pool out to waste. You will drain a little water but it will keep you from having to drain the whole pool.

PS. When vacuuming take it slow so you don't stir it up!
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Thanks for the ideas. So far, I haver been letting my 'kreepy' run to get all the gunk off the bottom for about 24 hrs. Its getting better. If this doesn't clear it up I will try the Floc(k)ing(sp).

Ant other ideas, or suggestions?
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just remember to shock your pool before you use the flock!

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