Spa has brown mark at water line


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Spa has brown mark at water line

I have had my spa for about 10 weeks now, and have noticed a brown mark at the water line.
I took a water sample to my hot tub dealer and had him test it, and he says the pH, Alkalinity, and chlorine (forgot the exact term) levels are just fine. He didn't have any further advise on how to prevent the brown mark. We're pretty careful to make sure we are clean before entering the spa.

The city water in out town is known to have some iron in it, and our new dishwasher has some mild brownish staining also. Someone suggested this could be the cause, but I don't understand how. The spa is self contained and chemically treated like all spas are. If the pH, alkalinity, etc are correct then I don't understand what the difference is.

The brown mark does clean off with a scotch-brite scrubber, but it's frustrating to have to scrub this on at least a weekly basis. I've followed the maintenence plan religiously and clean both filters weekly and rotate them with a second set I bought.

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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I've had different hot tubs at different homes, on city water and currently well water. I've experienced the same issue, the come thread is the person in the tub! As well as I believe i'm clean before getting in the same occurs. It may be from deodorant, perfume, lotion, aftershave, laundry soap from your suit (That is if you wear one) ect. Thats just been my personal experience. I've found antifoam reduces the residue. Just my thoughts on it!
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brown on hot tub

Your friend could be correct. You do need to test for iron in your water. What happens is that if there is too much iron in th ewater it can leach out and cling to the walls etc. Keeping your water chemistry are the proper levels will help minimize this. also a defoamer helps too. But first, I would get a metal test kit for iron, maganese, etc. It is well worth the 20 or so dollars for the kits. Also check for TDS ( total dissolved solids). This is more important in spas then in pools but can help mess up your water chemistry

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