Pool chemicals software


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Pool chemicals software

Does anyone use software to maintain their chemicals? I've seen one or two that are used like a database and advises you how and what to adjust.

Just wondering what people might use and what the "common man" should look at for first time pool?
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pool chemical software

Usually the software is reserved for swimming pool companies. It does cost them over 1,000. for the software and testing equiptment. For the firs ttime pool person, i would recommend 2 things. 1. to make it easy, get the test strips that check for: total chlorine, free chlorine, total alkalinity, and ph. These strips are not as accurate as using the 5 bottle test kit but are good for the beginner to use for a month or so until you feel comfortable. Also use these inbetween your weekly testing of the pool for quick readings. Go to amazon or barnes and nobles, they have books. I forget the exact name but i have seen a few such as understanding swimming pool water, etc.
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All I've ever seen at other people's homes was the 5 bottle kit so I think I would have no lesss than that. I think it was what you're suggesting. A plastic thing you drop in different chemicals, shake it and read it?

The software I've seen was just something that maintained your readings and, as per your customized scheduled events (or whatever) determined what and when you should do, as determined from your inputted readings.

It actually seems like more work, with all the data input from the chem readings but looks pretty cool, with the history graphs a such.

The one that I've seen on-line was from Perfect Pool & Spa for 40 or 50 bucks.
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The Pool Professor. www.poolprofessor.com (about $29.95)

Better yet, most all pool chemical manufacturers have online calculators to assist the homowner in determining how to keep your water in balance.

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