high water pressure


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Angry high water pressure

I hope someone can help me again. I had a brand new sand filter installed 5 months ago, It was working fine until hurricane wilma. after the storm I did not notice any damage to the filter that I could see anyway. Problem is that every time I try to run the filter with the barrcuda to clean it the psi goes up to 30 0r 32 and I would backwash the filter. when I backwash I notice that the filter is not dirty and least not dirty enouh to cause a high psi.

Whenever I run the filter without the cleaner I can run it a bit longer before the psi goes up. I have checked the pump, cleaned out the basket, no debris anywhere,even bought new fins and diafram for the cleaner.

I cannot let the filter run over 10 minutes without shutting it off because the pse goes up to high. Before the hurrincane, it was just fine and psi stayed around 8 to 10. I can not find out what is wrong but I know the psi should not be up that high in a few minutes especially if it is clean.
I hope someone can advise me . I have a hayward filter, brand new.
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If you have not already done so, go to this site and read the troubleshooting guide for your problem.
If still unresolved then post back with model#
Might be tech help on that site also. I did not look.
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thanks, I did check out the hayward site for pool pressure but it did not seem to address my problem. It states that the sand should be changed every 5 to 6 years and my filter is only a few months old. I did notice however when I use the barcuda cleaner the pressure seems to go up a little faster than when I just have the filter on without the cleaner.

Do you think maybe something went in through the cleaner after the storm? I just cant figure it out as everything was just fine before.

My model number is S244T and is a Hayward pro-series high rate sand filter.
I have backwashed so much and have had to add water as I lost a lot of water in the processs.
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high pressure

It sounds to me there can be a few things. High pressure in the filter is caused by back pressure. From the sand to the returns. It almost seems from what you say there is something in the return line causing back pressure and restricting flow. Try plugging a return and using a blower to blow the water back to the filter. if you can disconnect the pipe you could see if something comes out. try switching to the othe rreturn and doing the same thing.
Also, the pressure going up is not good but...... if you arr still getting enough water into the pump and there is no cavitation, then let it be if the above steps do not work. There is no standard for where the pressure should be. What effects the pressure is the length of the run of pipe, the number of elbows, the size of the pump, the type of filter, etc. Usually after you install a new filter within a month or so, the pressure you started with at first will set itself 5-10 pounds higher, even after a backwash. You never stated if you have a heate ror not???
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Maybe sand is packed

I can get a product locally called sand cleaner (looks like 409 cleaner which is much cheaper, but I haven't had the guts to try) that you pour in during backwash - works ok.

The other thing I do is open the filler hole and carefully stir the sand with a broom handle now and then - be careful not to break any interior parts or pry aganst opening too hard) SAND not DE right?

Good luck.

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