best options for Black algie


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best options for Black algie

just moved into a house with a serious black algie problem, pinch-a-penny is the only close store & the other one in town is small and dosent cary much, but how are P-a-penny chemicals, the girl tried to sell me other things in conjunction with the black algie killer, this is my first time with black algie, what should I know before I get ripped off with un-needed chemicals.....I know about it being hard to kill and all that, but what is the name of the stuff I should buy
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Not sure what brand Pinch-a-Penny carries, but this is what I've been using for several years and have no algae problems:
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Black algae

Black algae is hard to get rid of. I use "swimfree" brand black algeacide, but others will work fine as long as they are labled for black algea. You will need to shock your pool first to above 3.0. Use a whole quart for a 16 x 32 pool or larger. anything over 35,000 gallons use more. You will need to brush your pool before you pour the algaecide in. Keep the pump running 24/7 and brush your pool 2 times a day. usually within a week or 2 the black algea will finally dissapear. Keep in mind the black algea forms a protective shell-like covering which is why you need to brush the pool to remove that and allow the algecide and chlorine to work.
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Black Algae

Black algae is one of the worst problems a pool owner can face.
I agree with the points made by member joelt made previously.

Continue to brush, shock and use algaecide.

One further recommendation, clean your filter, as it is probably loaded with algae spores.

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