Spa Heater Tripping


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Spa Heater Tripping

I have a 15 year old 110 volt Hot Springs "Classic" spa. The "heater reset" keeps tripping on the control box (not the GFCI on the plug end). When I reset it, it trips again in a few hours. If I unplug the heater from the control box the heater reset stops tripping. I removed the heater element and it looks OK. How do I test the heater element with my mulit meter?
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Using a ohm meter, a good element will never register 0 or infinity, and will usually show about 10-15 ohms resistance.

You may have a pin hole in the element and it will soon go out. Or, the thermo-disc is simply going bad. (assuming that is the reset you are resetting.)
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I had a similar issue but mine was tripping the GFI. It turned out that the control panel wasn't sealed well and water was getting in and causing trip. A bead of silicon around the panel solved mine.
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The heater reset is a temp controlled safety. It is not a gfci circuit breaker. the main causes for it to trip are dirty filters or a circulation pump that is not pushing enough water throuh the heater.

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