Spa Chemicals


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Spa Chemicals

I am not too fond of the bromine or chlorine used in my spa and I certainly don't test and maintain those levels as often as I should.

My spa is a Sundance built in 1993 (or so), is there a way to convert the water treatement to a more natural way? I know these are out there for newer spas but not sure if I can get one for my spa.


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See if you find anything here that will help you decide.
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I don't know what you mean by "natural"... I assume you don't like the smell or taste of bromine and chlorine. It's pretty easy to add ozone and silver ion (Nature2), but ozone has a smell especially when you first open the cover and my wife swears that the Nature2 gives the water a taste.
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Has anyone had experienace with ionizers? I am not too concerned with the replacement cost of ~$60/year. If that leaves no smell and bad taste I might go with that (I can also live with shocking it every once in a while). It is mostly my wife who doesn't like the chemicals, although I would like to get rid of them also.

By the way, thanks for the page ( mdtaylor, it really summed things up for me, just what I ws looking for


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