Distance from pool pump to pool

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Distance from pool pump to pool


I have had real problems with the below gound housing for my pool - it is a plastic housing that breaks readily. This is the third time they have come to my house to replaced it.

As a solution the pool company wants to install the pool pump above ground in my garage that is about 20 meters from my pool approximately 1.5 meters higher than the level of the pool.

Fantastic, but I am seriously concered about the extra work load on the pump.

They tell me that the pool pump can easily handle the extra work load of pumping the water to the new location of the filter. Everything I have heard about pool pumps indicate that pool pumps should be as close to the pool as possible for maximum benefit.

My pool is 10m x 5m.

Any ideas? Any advice?


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Your pump will have to work harder, try to minimize the fittings to and from the new pump location. You can also upsize the size of the plumbing which will help. If the pump is up above the pool 4 1/2 feet or so you can put in a high quality check valve (Jandy, Waterway) in front of the pump this will help priming issues, if they do put in a check valve make sure is accessible to clean out.
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pump height

It should not make a difference if it is 4-6 feet above the pool. You might need a stronger pump but since you have not stated if it is an inground or above ground pool. If it is an inground pool, most likely th epump is powerful enough and it wont put much mor eof a strain on the motor. The motor will spin what it is supossed to but i do agree a check valve will aid in re-priming the pump between cycles. If it is an above ground pool you probably will need to get a stronger pump. A 1 hp superpump should work fine. Usually pumps for above ground pools are not the same quality as inground pools. Usually no need for a check valve for above ground because if their is a suction leak you will see the water dripping out of the line and can repair it so the prime wont be lost
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Pumps are rated in gph based on 'lift' and 'head'.
Lift is the height the water must be lifted _to_ the pump.
Head is the height the water must be lifted _from_ the pump.

In your case, lift is from the skimmer to the pump intake.
Head is negative, since the return is below the pump.

Your flow rate might go down slightly (by a gallon or two an hour), but the pump doesn't care, as it's not water cooled.

A check valve is an absolute must, or you will have to reprime the pump everytime you clean the prefilter.

The unit should have come with a flow rate chart, that will tell you the results of changes in lift/head, which are based on the pump _without_ the filter in place.

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