Pump won't start


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Pump won't start


It is Saturday and everyone is closed locally, so hopefully someone can help me here. Our hot tub pump will not start. It just humms. I can take off the end hose and get the pump spinning with my finger, and it runs fine. But then, when up to temperature and it turns off, it will not start again on it's own. Only if I spin the impellers with my finger.

Is it dirty, need something fixed, replaced, ???

The pump is 6 years old, is a Waterway Super-Flow model PF-15-2N11CD.

Thanks a lot for your advice, folks!
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Sounds like you need a new motor, Waterway makes the same hp motor in 2 separate frame sizes (48 & 56) so make sure you get the right frame size or they will match up with the wet end.
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It is my understanding that these motors have a start capacitor. Many of them are mounted on the outside of the motor, but mine is not.

I am thinking the start capacitor just needs replaced, is it inside the motor casing, or in the heater pack somewhere?

Or ?

My motor is a 2 HP, two speed, 115 V.

I do not know if it is a 48 or a 56, how can I tell?

Thank you so much for your help.

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