leak in pool liner


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leak in pool liner

I know I have a leak in my liner but I can't find it. The pool people what to charge me $300 to find the leak! I really can't afford that and I have patched a leak before I just can't find this one can you tell me what I can do to find this one. I know I will need to pump out the water because it is scummy but then what.
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it may be leaking around the skimmer or return plates, or the steps (inground). i don't understand why everyone want to drain the pools when they have a prolbem. in my experience (15 yrs) its better to treat the water there than risk losing a liner.
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i had a major leak last year. i put in my own inground and made some rookie mistakes.

anyway, i got that syringe that shoots a die like product and i swam around the pool, slowly releasing the dye near the steps, skimmer, light fixture, etc.

i found a few leaks. a few of which i was able to fix and one that i can't (or haven't yet fixed) at the steps.

it is a cheap way to go to find the leak. chances are you don't have a leak anywhere else unless you know for sure something metal scraped the bottom of the liner or something.
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Thank you all for the advice. I will treat the water and then find the leak. will let you know

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