inground pool paint


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inground pool paint

I bought a house with an older pool (built around 1980). It has some nasty stains. I drained and tried scubbing with muritiac acid..little improvement..I was told I need to re-plaster and that if I couldnt afford to replaster yet, then I could paint the pool with a ruberized chlorine based paint. The paint would hold up for about three years? What is a good paint to use? Is this a good idea? any horror stories? I had someone tell me the paint came off on their kids feet! I hope it was just bad paint? Its a gunite inground pool.
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there are several manafactuers of pool paint, i know surface prep is a main concern , this is a DIY project but pool paint is costly but a good alternitave to replastering. i have a friend who does pool repair also and i'll ask him what he uses, because he and i were talking about this same subject the other .day
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I have drained and painted 2 pool in past 7 years, they were foreclosure homes that we fixed up and sold, I have only been back to 1 home in last 3 years and finish seems to be holding up no problems, surfece prep is most important, we just power washed well and let dry completely that gave it an extra day to be sure, paint was bought at Lowes, IIRC it was about $ 22 a gal, buy more than you need and return the rest, it sucks to run out towards the end ( another story ) one recommendation I can offfer if buy white paint, I bought the light blue for one house and once filled with water it just looked too weird, water isn't supposed to look like that, the paint is thick and covers well, white does not show overlap marks like the bule paint did...make sure you take a before and after pic and post for us to see....good luck
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what does "IIRC" stand for? is it paint specifically for pools? for $22 gallon?? i was told pool paint is exhorbitantly expensive, like 100 bucks a gallon! and that to redo a pool is thousands of dollars and NOT a diy project.......

also, i thought completely draining an inground pool can make it either heave out of the ground or collapse inward from the ground force......not true?
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I'm not familiar with IIRC and personally I haven't painted a pool since I was an apprentice [35+ yr ago] If I recall correctly the paint was a 2 part epoxy. I have never seen any epoxy for a low price. As long as the pool is clean and dry I don't see any reason a competent diyer wouldn't get good results.

I'm sure pool paint is like all other paint - you get what you pay for. With the trouble and expense of draining, cleaning, painting and refilling - I wouldn't want to use any material that I didn't have a lot of confidence in.
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yes they can popout, a good pool installer would have recommended and installed a maindrain which has a checkvalve on the underside. when the pool is drained the ground water(if any) can then flow into the pool via the main drain, and prevent popouts. pool paint is very expensive but you get what you pay for. the average life for a painted pool is around 7-8 years. the prep is where so many people go wrong, this is the most important step in anything. the last pool i painted was 12 years ago and if i remember we used Ramuc pool paint, and we used a paint roller for the large areas and a brush for the cut in areas. we spent 2 days of prep and the total job was a week .
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IIRC = IF I Remember Correctly

its internet language NOT pool paint

just do some research on the water table in your area, if it been raining do not drain your pool ,if it hasent rained for some time, then go for ir, getting over the fear of a POP out is the biggest deal, there are more stories of worry that actual incidences of the dreaded pop out
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I may have the solution for the pool paint problems you may be encountering. I stumbled on this

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