what's the diff? alum versus clarifier


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what's the diff? alum versus clarifier

What's the advantage between using alum and liquid clarifier?

I have some dusty residue that appears to be either left over from dead algae, dirt, or whatever inert material is left from my shock at the bottom of the pool. It gets kicked up as I'm trying to vacuum it out.

I assume whatever polymers are in the liquid clarifier gets trapped in my filter as does alum.

Any disadvantages between the two? Do they mess with my
total hardness or pH?
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in order for alum or a flocculant to work properly the ph needs to adjusted up to around 8.0- 8.2. they are simalir the lquid has a benifit because it may act quicker by being dispersed by a return jet, where alum in a granular state has to dissolve.

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