skin irritation


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skin irritation

When there are references to 'skin irritation', what is it really? itchiness? rash? dry skin?

How far off in terms of pH, alkalinity, Cl levels, etc would cause irritation?

I seem to feel a bit itchy after coming out of the pool, but thought it was just a case of dry skin. My pH is a bit on the low end (7.3) but it's not too far from the 'ideal range'. Would high combined Cl levels do it too? Mine currently measures 2ppm with free Cl measuring 0.5ppm which is also on the low end. I don't smell any 'chlorine smell'.
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ph is a tad low, what is the calcium hard. level?
C H is what determines the water softness, plus i think you need a shock treatment to boost the available chl.

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