Vinyl pool - base condition question


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Question Vinyl pool - base condition question

I have an almost complete? vinyl lined pool. A reputable contractor decided to take my cash and run before finishing the job 3 years ago. I, in the meantime, have been subcontracting out the job little bits at a time. Two and 1/2 years ago,the 1st contractor started the cement base but did not complete it. A second contractor came and finished it a few months after that. It sat for about 2 years in which time many cracks had formed and had filled with water. We recently cleaned it all out, removed the loose cement and got a handful of quotes to finish. All had suggested just a quick touch up - filling in the deep holes and lightly going over the rest. A couple had suggested that it was simple enough for me to do. I went ahead and recovered the whole bottom with an inch worth of portland and vermiculite mix. I was ready to figure out the wall foam and what gaskets are missing etc to drop the liner when I started to have some fears about the cement layer below the vermiculite layer. My thoughts are that there must be hollow spots under the cement maybe up to 1/2 inch deep?. My question is will the 1 inch of vermiculite/portland over the cement hold the weight of the water or cave in and possible tear the liner. (the liner size had taken into account the 1 inch of vermiculite). Someone please advise, thanks
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i don't understand why there is cement is there a main drain?
i think all you need it to grade the bottom and apply a mix of vermiculite/portland. this mix is not rigid like concrete, its idea is to give a firm but flexible cushion.
it also helps keep debris from coming up from the bottom.
i have watched them(inground vinyl)being installed and assisted in replacing liners.
i think i would be skeptical about have concrete in the bottom.
i would call/go by you county code office and inquire about this. this may be required in your area.
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thanks for your response. There is a main drain and all of the plumbing. The original base which was not installed all at once, meaning we had half dirt and half cement - I guess I shouldnt be calling it cement - it was sand and portlant mixed with water. My fear was washout below the bottom layer of cement since a good part of the base was just earth for a while, thanks again.

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