couple dumb questions

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Angry couple dumb questions

My in groundpool is driving me crazy this year first of all, it was SUPER green. I went to Island Recreational and poured in 12 1lb bags of green out. My pool is only 18x30 so this was double the amount. Ive been running and backwashing the filter for 2 days and it is a lighter green, but i cant see the bottom to vacuum. I poured in 2 gallons of shock i had left over, and no change. I've also gone through a lg bag of DE each day for the past 2.
1. Does it just take time? I feel like there are more than enough chemicals.
2. Should i be backwashing every 45 mins or is there something wrong?
3. Lastly, can anyone tell me what the white plastic thing in the bottom of the deep end does?

i know this all sounds stupid, but the pool guys just try to sell me every known chemical

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relax. you have a prolbem. now time to fix it. is this a dive pool or a lap pool.( need to figure the gals). Gunite or vinyl?
the white thing in the deep end is most likly a main drain (great) .
you have a DE filter (great filtration when you don't have a prolbem) now for the prolbem. this will most likely take 3-7 daysto correct .. what you need to start with is : FOR CHLORINE POOLS
1. maintain a chl. keeping shock ( preferably a dichlor chl. (check the bag) at a rate of 1 lb per 10,000 gal.
2. removing leaves( use a bag net to scoop out as many as possible.
3. you will need a 60 % algecide (check the bottles) at a rate of 8-10 oz per 10,000 gal
4. you will need a flocculent 6-12 oz per 10,000 gal and some ph increaser add as needed to raise the ph to 8.0 -8.2 .
5. place the filter on recirculate add the chl. , algecide and floc , recirculate(NOT FILTER) for 6-8 hrs , turn off the pump add water to fill the pool to the highest safe level and allow the green to settle in the bottom. ( THE PUMP MUST BE OFF FOR THIS TO WORK) (THE WATER MUST SIT IDLE) once the gunk settles VAC TO WASTE , this is a slow process, add water to the deep end ( not to disturb the water) while vac'ing. REPEAT FILL AND VAC AS NEEDED TO REMOVE ALL SLUDGE.


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