Switch from DE to cartridge filter?

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Question Switch from DE to cartridge filter?

I am new to this forum and I'm looking for advice on possibly switching from a DE filter--now on its last legs--to a cartridge system.

I have an 18 X 36 in-ground pool in Western Mass (3 months use per year). My DE filter is about 15 years old and needs to be retired.

I am very attracted to the Sta-Right cartridge filter that is available--mainly because I would like to get DE out of my life. The cartridge filter appeals to me because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance--clean it yourself at the end of the season, etc. No more DE = one less pool chore to do.

However, all sources seem to be telling me that DE filters best, better than a cartridge.

My question is this: does the difference in filtering quality really make a visible difference? My pool guys say it does not, that you can't see the difference. If the new cartridge filter is properly sized, will it get my water clean? Everyone agrees that DE filters smaller particles, so I understand that; but will I see the difference in the water?

I'd particularly appreciate hearing from anyone with first-hand experience of this switch from DE to cartridge--or vice-versa!
Thanks for any info.
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Well, speaking from experience, the only way anybody is going to get me to change from my DE is with a gun. Our pool originally had a cartridge filter and I had a really bad time with algae. In addition to staying on top of the algae problem, I was having to clean the cartridge a LOT. Finally switched to a DE system. Still have to stay on top of the algae, but the water is always cystal clear. I can toss a quarter in the deep end and tell you if it is heads or tails. I backwash and recharge every couple of months plus pull the grids for a throrough cleaning a couple of times a year. You may not be able to SEE the difference, but the DE filters down to a finer level. Another option is a sand filter, which I have no personal experience with, but I understand is nearly as good as DE. Keep in mind that the DE systems are now 15 years more advance in technology than your old setup and will have some improvements in operation and maintenance.

Here's some additional discussion:

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Well if you didn't like DE due to maintence issues then you need to stray away from cartridges . Cartridges are good for small amounts of water , under the correct circumstances.
i would agree that a DE filter does provide the greatest filtration, under proper maintence. however the DE filter will become a nusicence(?) if you ever have a algea prolbem.
i would definitly recommend a quality high rate SAND filter, these are very user friendly and are NOT maintence intensive .
For that size pool I'd be looking at a Hayward S-200 or a S-240(if still available) or a S-244.
look for a filter that is capable of TURNING YOUR VOLUME WATER OVER in a preferably 8 hr time frame , this is very important.
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A few months ago I switched from DE to a cartrage, had a bad algie problem and the dismantle to clean the DE well, was just a real pain.....the pump sits near the garage next to the hose, so cleaning the cartrage is a braeeze, I did a lot of research on the DE filter and its better water clarity issues, but really dont notice any change since having the cartrage installed, I do clean it weekly and let the dogs swim a lot, pool is out doors and uncovered ( not screened ) I live in the country and get a lot of crap on the water....the move form DE to cart for me was a smart choice, I had a DE filter crack this winter and the replacment parts were well over $$$ what a cart filter cost so that helped make up my mind too.....

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