Broken spring in flapper valve


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Broken spring in flapper valve

I have a Beachcomber 730 hottub built in 97 and the spring that closes the flapper/diverter valve at the bottom of the skimmer is broken so it just lays flat and therefore a lot of water bypasses the filter and gets recirculated. The repair guy said it was not a replaceable part but I'm looking at it and it looks like it could be even though I can't get it out.
Does anyone have experience with this that could help?
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I wouldn't think the route of the plumbing allows the skimmer intake to by-pass the filter. Just doesn't sound right.

Every weir (yeah, it's called a weir) is replaceable, but not always available. And there are generic weirs that hinge on a spring loaded rod like a curtain rod.

A cheap repair might be to get a piece of styrofoam and secure it to the back of the present weir so that it floats.
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Thanks. I guess the availability of this part will tell me if it is replaceable. There are 3 suction/intake ports on the bottom of the spa and I think the one that operates when the pump is just recirculating water on low speed is the one where the weir closes and the water is forced up through the filter. But when the weir is always open the water just recirculates without going through the filter. I'm not sure if that is the correct explanation either!
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Spring Check Valve

The valve is at the bottom of the filter and is used to bypass water.

In most cases the spa will still function just fine with this. You may have to increase the filtering if possible. As long as the filter is relatively clean, most of the water will go through it because of the nature of hydraulics. The first inlet will get the most flow.

The standard way to install this is to have the backside of the filter, which is blocked by the check valve to be attached to a suction fitting at the bottom of the spa.

The simplest fix is to install a new 3 to 5 LB. check valve in line from the suction to the filter. This will accomplish the same thing, and is a heck of a lot easier to do than to replace the filter housing.

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