why pool pump makes so much noise


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why pool pump makes so much noise

our pool pump used to be very quiet, not it sound like a jet engine, what could be causing so much noise? is there a way to reset it or flush it to get what is making that noise out? is it electrical? is the pump dying ? thanks for any help.
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Quite likely the bearings in the motor (not the pump) are going out.

Just how handy are you?
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I have the same problem, is there somewhere in the web with info how to change , or where to purchase bearings, might be a good preventative maintenance issue just to change them
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I don't know of any web sites, but anyone slightly mechanically inclined can figure it out. The key to not damaging the bearings during installation is to only apply pressure to the outermost ring of the bearing. Use a socket that has the same OD of the bearing and lightly tap it in place with a rubber mallet.

Just put everything back the way you found it.

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