? about leveling the ground...hurry!

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Question ? about leveling the ground...hurry!

I just bought an above ground 24' round Intex metal frame pool.
My husband is in the process right now of tilling the area where the pool will go.
The instructions say to make sure the pool is set only on firmly packed dirt and that it must be 100% LEVEL to insure the integrity of the pool walls.
My husband insists on a slightly concave design, with the very middle of the pool bottom being slightly lower than the sides.
(A couple of inches)
He thinks this will be better than 100% level...I disagree but he won't listen to me.
Anyone with advice, please respond ASAP.
It's going up tomorrow.
Thanks much
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well level is level, now if the liner has a EXPANDABLE BOTTOM then a slight concave in the center will be fine. are removing the soil that is being tilled? if not it must be compacted with a tamp. i also recommend using some form of concrete pad under each wall post, this will help prevent settelling, causeing the wall structure to become unstable. ALWAYS follow the manafacturers directions to a T, this is for your saftey and for the engineering of the product to work correctly.
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If the pool instructions call for completely level ground, why would one think concave is better?

Chances are if you place it on a concave area, you are going to shorten the diameter of the pool bottom and it may put additional stress on the side walls and pull on them. Since it will pull on the side walls more it could pull on the top ring more. If it pulls on the top ring, it could collapse (see where I'm going here?).

I wouldn't try to reinvent the wheel here. If manufacturer specs call for solid level ground, that means level ground that is solid, not tilled. Should a warrenty issue (or more importantly safety issue) arise, the manuracturer could turn their back since it wasn't set up properly.

I would put it up right or not at all.
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pool rules

if the center of the pool is concaved it will allow more water into
the pool than it was designed for allowing for a structural failure
of the pool wall. if i were to recommend anything (and i will)
place a fine sand barrier below the liner (a inch or so will do, the more the better) will increase the liner life, level of course.
also prepare for rain water to run the sand off (place pool on
high ground) .
we are here to help, let us know how this project turns out,
you maybe helping others.

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I can't see how slightly concave would make it better...but then again I can't see it making it structurally worse (but you'll need to have enough liner to stretch the extra bit).

If you have one of those clip on liners, they're presized to fit a level bottom surface, so concave isn't the best way to go. Vinyl will stretch a bit, so a little bit of concave isn't going to hurt much.

The key to the "level" in the instructions is that each post is level. Put each on a cement patio stone (the instructions should say this). Leveling each patio stone with respect to the other before putting the posts up will make the assembly of the pool easy.

If he dug too deeply in the center, simply add sand (a fine sand, not just run of the mill sand).

Digging deeper won't add stress to the walls, as the water is under the wall and won't add any side load. Nor will it reduce the stress on the walls; again the side loads are all a function of the water against the walls, so the loads are from the bottom of the wall up. So, there's really nothing to gain by adding a few inches in the center, and you run the potential of stretching the liner too much.
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the pool it self has to be level meaning the pool frame not the area wear the liner will be. the concave part is right as long as you make the concave edge higher than the bottom edge of the pool. ( bring the dirt up the side)

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