Severe Algea problem inground pool


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Exclamation Severe Algea problem inground pool

For the last 3 weeks I've been getting my water tested at Pinch a Penny and following their instructions but my water is still as green/yellow and clouded as when I started. NO improvement. 14,000 gallon pool.

Each week I've added 5 gallons of chlorine and the first 2 weeks added 2 bags of Yellow Treat each time (4 total). I ran the pump for 24 hours without the filter as instructed to kill everything. 3 days ago I did 5 galloons of chlorine and that expensive bottle of Green Treat.

I brush and vacuum the pool several times a day and clean the cartridge filter about 4 times a day. The temp is a obout 90 and we are getting a lot of rain. However the chlorine showed almost none after only 2 days from this last treatment. All other specs are within the normal range according to the water test.

I'm selling my home and I have a green pool!! Any ideas??
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when I had an algae problem last year that wouldn't go away, someone on this board recommended Swimtrine brand algaecide (the one that kills black, green, and mustard algae). It's about $20 a quart at the pool store, but it's concentrated, and you do't use much to treat.

I shocked the pool, waited a day; brushed the walls, then added the algaecide. I let the pump run according to the directions on the algaecide (can't remember if it was for several hours, or 24 hours). After that, I brushed the walls again. I then added some floculent and followed the directions on that bottle.

I was amazed how much dead algae covered the bottom of my pool after that.

We then vacuumed it to waste so the algae didn't end up going through the filter (do not use your automatic cleaner for this).

I have not had an algae problem since. I had minor algae at the beginning of the season, added a maintenance dose. and it's been fine since.

The Swimtrine algaecide has a high copper concentration, so you very well may also need to use a metal stain remover afterwards.
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I second the copper-based recommendation. The Green Treat is a sodium bromide base. I've been using a copper-baseed algaecide for about 4 years and have no problems. Look for the active ingredience on the label to say "copper" or a copper compound. The Swimtrine that marc is recommending says "COPPER, BIS(2-AMINOETHANOLATO-N,O)- 7.41%".

P.S. You'll be spending a lot of time cleaning the filter cartridge during the battle.
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other than algea you have a filtration prolbem, cartidge filter can get overwelmed when there is a prolbem. this is why i never install cartridges on pools of any size. you will overwork yourself trying to keep a cartridge clean when there is a prolbem.
i would seriously consider investing in a quality high rate sand filter, they are very effective and easy to use.

if you are treating for mustard algea you MUST treat everything that is used in the pool, vacs, floats, anything, or you will have a occurring prolbem the entire season.

i might also recommend that instead of using liquid bleach you use a stablized sanitizer such as tabs or stiks, and a granular for shock .
your pool is 14,000 gals , i would add 2 stiks or tabs to the skimmer as needed and shock with 2 lbs granular 1 @ week , add 4-6 oz( or recommended maintance dose) of a 60 % poly-quat algeacide 1 @ week.
this is key to controlling a prolbem, you need a constant supply of sanitizer.
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Killing Algea

Okay this reminds me what i went through 3 yrs ago.
My situation was worst. I let my inground turn into swamp water.
I mean stinky dark dark greenist black swamp water frogs and all.

If you listen to me, you can get that pool pretty blue.
I know what your going through I have been there.

Trust me Its not going to happen over night. probably 4 days to see wonderful results. Start with the strongest granular shock you can find.Dont use the same brand you been buying your algae has started a resistance to that stuff change it.
If you have a chlorinater put 3 3inch tabelts in it open it full blast or put the tablets in one of thse float things also put 3 tablets on one of your steps in the pool for slow release

I want you to shock the heck out of it 2 --1lb bags in a buckett and mix until diluted pour it around the edges of the pool, take out your cartrage from the filter, put the filter on recirculate. brush the walls then the bottom.

after 4hours do it again the whole procedure without brushing the bottom then again 24 hours later. leave the pump running after 3days you should have killed the algea. vacumm the dead algea to WASTE not BackWASH.

Shock will only last to kill algea 24 hours. keep your water level up bad water go out fresh water goes in. Now lets treat the pipes and the filter.
turn off the pump, put in cartrage,
mix 2 bags of shock 2lbs dilute in a buckett of water. Pour solution in skimmers and in deep end of pool. This time you want to filter all the water as if you were swimming.

about 8 hours you will see dead algea in the bottom vacumm to waste and backwash the pool until the water level is almost below the skimmers.Fill the pool back up and rinse the filter. rinsing only 30 seconds. look if I didnt care I would not have typed all this. chlorine will not last long in hot weather the sun evaporates it quick so make sure you all ways have chlorine and shock the pool after every rain. use your regular doses once the pool is clear.

you wil thank me later. I have a 30,000 gal inground and maintain it my self it took 1yr of putting wasting hundreds of dollars and trips to pool stores but the secret is chlorine, baking soda,shock when needed and a good test kit.
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Waste vs backwash

What do you mean by vaccuming to waste vs backwash?
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you should have a section marked WASTE on the filter valve. it completly bypasses the filter and send the water directly out the backwash line. this will cause the water level to drop very rapidly, so fill to the max safe level before starting.
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