Salt generator?


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Salt generator?

I just got my pool plastered about 8 days ago. i have not been adding to much cholrine cause i put a salt generator in. the directions say to wait 10 - 14 days before starting the system. do i really have to wait or is 8 days good enough. i have the chemicals perfect right now and wanted to start while they are in balance.
thanks for the help
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The key is to make sure the plaster is cured enough so that it is not damaged by any salt that collects on it due to not dessolving right away.

The longer the wait the better, and add all the chlorine it takes to maintain a balance. That is what the salt generator will be doing.
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i will wait thanks. i think i al ready scrwed up though. i heard that i should not have turned on the heat yet but i had the solar on the 2nd day and it is at 90. i think the plaster is almost cured cause when i brush not much is coming off anymore.
thanks again for the replies

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