New in-ground pool cleaner/vacuum


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New in-ground pool cleaner/vacuum

I need to replace my in-ground pool cleaner (JetVac) and am just looking for some opinions on the ones people in the forum have.

I have looked at several online & like the Zodiac/Baracuda G4 but you never know the reliability of information found online. Even the reviews - you never know if the VP of sales put up a thousand raving reviews!

Any opinions on the equipment you have would be greatly appreciated!

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i can't say whats the best, but i know when i worked for a pool co., we always tried to sell Polaris pool cleaners. even if we didn't sell it with the pool , plumbing for a Polaris was in our standard pool kits. that way in a years time the customer was back in purchasing the Polaris. the advantage of a Polaris is that the skimmer is freed up to do its job of supplying the filter with water, thus reducing the amount of backwashing, they do a super job, i had a customer who lost a diamond ear ring in their pool, and the next day when she was out taking (MOLLY, that was her Polaris 360's name) out of the pool , inside the bag was her daughters diamond ear ring . there are no perfect automatic vacs, each one has its faults.
there are customers of mine that are still using there Polaris cleaners and some of them are almost 20+ years old.
in your case adding a Polaris may not be in the budget you want to spend, due to the installation difficulties , but if there is a extra return already plumbed for a Polaris the you are in business.
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When I bought my house it came with a Aquabot for the Pool, The Aquabot was old when I got it and it lasted 9 years, I just bought another one this year, it scrubs the walls and vacums everything. I don't have the time or paitence to vacum with a hand vacum. Best thing ever invented for the pool, its all self contained.
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We have the Polaris 380 (this will be our 4th year), and we love it. Anything that means I don't have to hand vacuum my pool every day is worth it's weight in gold in my book.

Many times, dealers, as well as online places, will give you a rebate on Polaris systems if you trade in your old cleaner.

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We have an Aquabot and love it. very dependable, easy to use. Our pool has lot's of trees and bushes nearby, so it gets a LOT of junk in it all the time. The Aquabot really gets a workout- but does a great job.
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We have a Polaris 480 - got it and the in-ground fiberglass pool last summer. Every so often, it sucks up its own tail, but cleans way more of the pool than I ever thought possible. All the junk ends up in its little bag - which is easy to dump (especially if you let it dry out first). With its own booster pump, it does a great job and doesn't add load to the pool pump.
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IMO Polaris 380 or 480 are the best all around.
I have a Aquabot T2 that I purchased just to clean my pool while it was under construction because of the long process before the pool would be up and running on it's own power.
T2 does excellent job if you need self contained unit.

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