pool fence lights


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pool fence lights

Hi all, new here, first post.

I'm just about done putting in my new inground pool, and I'm having trouble finding what I want for area lighting. We're using an alluminum Picket style fence, with 2" posts.

What I'd like to do is put small lights in the top of the fenceposts. Solar ones like this http://www.fence-it.com/vinyl_products/aluminum_solar_lighted_post_caps.htm are pretty easy to find, but I want something I can turn on and off, and mayve even dim.

Any ideas?
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welcome, and congraulations on the install, those light look very nice, but be cautious of solar lighting, the replacement batteries can get somewhat expensive. i know that years ago we had some solar light and the worked great for a year or so and the solar panes began to get moisture in them, making them worthless. if you are into the DIY thing and have some time to invest i would recommend a low voltage outdoor lighting, they are more realiable and have far more choices for you application. the only con is that you will need to hide the wiring. i would make a trip down to the local big box store and get some info, some of the lighting i chose is by Malibu Lighting sold at Slowes, they had a wide choice and was semi reasonable on prices , but when i get ready to do the project i'll look online first. Right now i am in the middle of a siding project on my home, but when i finish here in the next 3-4 weeks i will be starting on my sprinkler system, so while i do the sprinkler wiring i am going to install the low voltage wiring in the same trenches, and be ready to do the major landscaping and light install for the front yard in the early spring.
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Harbor freight ( when on sale ) has some pretty cool solar lights for like $ 5 they also have like a wall mount as well as the ground steak, you can switch them off but not dim them, thats what I have around my pool, at $ 5 you cant go wrong
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lights around the pool

congrats on the pool and welcome to the forums.
to try and answer your direct questions, i don't know of a solar
light config. that will address the dimming, on/off question you ask.
as far as i know, they are on or off. that leads us to low voltage lighting. you can set these guys to turn off and on, and use a timer, but again that won't address your want/need of a dimmer
type of configuration, it's possible, but there would be a little wiring to do to the inline voltage to the lamps but may(will in my opinion) blow the lamps. if you want a fully controlled lighting
system at the pool you will need to go full power(115-120).
just how comfortable are you with this? let us know,

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There are dimmers for low voltage light systems, but they go in front of the low voltage transformer, which means they dim all the lights on that transformer. There are two types, so if you go thay route, make sure the dimmer and transformer are of the same type (magnetic / electronic).

I would suggest a regular low voltage system, but run more wires so you can control the lights in smaller groups. If you wired fence posts alternating between two circuits, you could turn on either one, or both for more light. Or put the fence on one circuit, and some lower wattage landscape lights on another. You can run multiple circuits on a single transformer as long as you don't exceed the total wattage rating of your transformer.

I have lights on and under my deck on a single transformer, but the under-deck lights are switched using a regular light switch in an outdoor enclosure. All the lights are on a timer (integral part of the transformer), so the under-deck lights can only be on when the timer is on, but they can be switched off.

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