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Unhappy New finish

My pool has been recently refinish (Diamond Brite). After the job was done and pool refilled I discovered that the surface is not completely flat. It has some 'bulges' (most of the size of a quarter - more or less). They are especially vissible when the pool light is on. My impression is that there are some air bubbles traped in the finish coat that caused it. Is it due to improper installation or some material defect ? Schould my contractor fix the problem - if so how ?
Thank You for any sugestions
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Of course you should contact your contractor. He can explain what they are better than anyone else. But, since any plaster pool finish is installed by hand it will not be perfectly smooth. It will always have what appears to be 'imperfections' in the surface, but most are simply the result of being applied by had by a craftsman and not by a precision machine.

It's not inconceivable that your soil around your pool, and your gunite, was dry enough to trap air in the gunite as the plaster was being applied, but that is usually remidied by filling the pool soon after the surface is applied and while still wet.

Did you preview any of the contractors work prior to contracting with him? Do you know for sure he is capable of producing a quality pool surface to your satisfaction?

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i have never had much experience with gunite pools, other than water chemistry, and maintence. what i would recommend is to contact your contractor and make it know to them, be sure to get photos and document anything said during your conversations(this is only a precaution). in the documentation include the time they started and ended, the type of weather ,: clear, cloudy, rainy, anything out of the ordernary(?), and how long they allowed the finish to cure berore adding water. next thing is to make sure the water chemistry is balanced because gunite pools are suceptable to pitting due to low Calcium Hardness, this pitting occures when actual pool water drawes the CH out of the finish of the pool, so CH is very critical in gunite pools, as well Total Alk , PH, and sanitizer levels.

good luck, and keep us posted , i'm curious as to what may cause this.

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