Dry Chorinator- No Output


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Dry Chorinator- No Output

i have no experience with chlorinators except the FROGGER system. i wanted to switch to a standard chlorinator

I was given a HYROTOOLS chorinator; new, not used but the box was opened and no directions.

i installed it with valves on both sides of the chlorinator. it is right after the solar heating mat and right before the pool inlet with the flow arrows going to the my 10,000 gal above ground pool.

i seem to have very little chlorine output. i filled it with 3" slow disolving tri chlorine tablets and at this point it is set to MAX. it just barely gets up to 1ppm.

whenever i open the unit up after it's been running a while , there is usually very little water in it. if i open either valve, the unit will fill with water.

all my water testing seems to be fine.

i have read the response to MARC31605... 9:00 SUN 7-30-06 about the clogged venturi.

are there any other ideas?

thanks you for any ideas
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Well, it cannot be airlocked. If you fill it up with chlorine with the pump off the water will drain out of it if the chlorinator is higher than the water level. You have to turn the pump on and allow the chlorinator to fill with water before you put the top on.

Or does that model have a bleed valve on the top?
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the chlorinator is below the water level.

there is no bleed valve.

i do fill the unit with water before sealing it but it steadily loses water.


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