Different brand, big difference?


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Different brand, big difference?

I was just wondering, this is our 2nd full year of owning an inground pool. It's awesome, and maintenance so far has not been as bad as I thought it would be. One thing that I've noticed though, is that in my town there are no pool shops where I can get my chemicals from, other than Walmart. The shops where I get my water tested and purchase all my chemicals is about 15 minute drive, but they don't stay open past 5, and getting overthere by 5pm is next to impossible because of traffic. Now, I know Walmart can be a place to find some deals, but not everything is really some quality stuff. Would this be the same with the chemicals? I would mostly use the convenience of getting shock at the local walmart, but going to my regular pool people to test the water. I guess if Walmarts not a great place to get your chemicals for your pool, then I'll just have to plan better and keep my stock up.
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some of the algecides sold at wally world are not as concentrated. just refer to the ingredients. on algecides use a 60% (poly) quat as far as shock all granular calcium hypochlorite are very similar, a alternitive is a lithuim hypochlorite, which is designed for vinyl lined pools, the downside to lith. hypo. is that it is a 35% available chl. where as reg cal. hypo is 59-60% avail. the down side of reg. cal hypo is that the calcuim will cause the water to turn cloudy(not severe) but nay take 8-10 hrs of filtration to remove the cloudyness.
as far as stabilized chl. some of the off brands use a binder to hold the tab or stik together, some of the brand names are pressed together so tha means that the brand name chl may last a little longer than the brand b, but IMO there is really no advantage to the brand B tabs or stiks except for price.

just remember base all chlorine additions on a 1lb per 10,000 gal ratio ,shock once a week unless there is a heavy usage or a substantial rain fall, add a preventitive dose of 60% poly algecide every 2 weeks and filter for at least 10 hrs or more (all in a concetutive time frame) use the 10 psi rule if you have a sand filter, after a fresh backwash and rinse , note the startup pres. and then backwash at 10 psi over the startup press.

as far as balancing chems they are fairly readly availabe at the local shopping club or grocer.

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