circulation pump blows the breaker


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circulation pump blows the breaker

My tub stopped working this weekend - the GFI breaker is off and does not reset. I did some troubleshooting and traced it to a circulating pump - as soon as I disconnect its black and white power wires from the control board I can reset the breaker.

Looks like the pump is a problem, but before spending $300 for a new pump I want to make sure that it is not a ground fault. What would be a good way to check it?

I took the pump out and connected it to a regular (not GFI) 110 V wall receptacle (2 wire) - it buzzes. The wall plate breaker does not blow either. Where do I go from there?

Help appreciated.
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I would get a new pump.

If the GFCI trips with the pump connected but does not trip when the pump is removed that is a good indicator. The pump may even be working but is leaking enough current that it is tripping the GFCI.
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You could take a simple multi-meter, disconnect the wires on the load side of the GFCI, and ohm them to ground. I would disconnect the wires from the 'motor' as well and ohm them to ground to verify a wire didnt chafe through to ground anywhere.
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Check your start/run capacitors before you nix the motor. You may need $20 of parts to get it up and running. Ive been to a few electrical supply places that will check a motor for free. It wouldnt hurt to inquire.

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