heating hot tub with gas

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heating hot tub with gas

I've heard of heating the hot tub with gas. can anyone explain the set up or refer me to a place I can learn about it please?
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It works the same except that you also install a gas line and a vent. It heats the water faster and more economically, usually.

Physically, the units are generally the same size until you get into the small packaged spa units with everything within the skirting of the unit. No gas there. You need separate components so that you can maintain a safe environment for the gas heater. Venting, etc. They need both gas and 110v AC.

I've used gas heaters from Teledyne and Raypac and tend to like the Teledyne best. There are many manufacturers.
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Yes, you can..

There are several things to think about with this. Mainly the cost of the heater vs the cost of electricity for a good thermally closed spa design that uses an electric heater. A good designed spa will use about 300 KWH average up to 400 KWH in winter

Unless the electricity is 18 to 20 cents per kilowatt hour, you will most likely not come out on the cost of a super efficient designed spa.

Heater is about $1,000 gas line about $500 to $700, labor to install about $400 to $600. That is a lot of electricity you can buy. About $2000 over ten years. $200 per year and equals $16 per month, or 160 KWH at 10 cents per KWH. Then you still have to pay for the gas to burn, so the difference is normally not worth it except for wooden hot tubs.

The costs to operate a spa are related to;

1/ Price.
2/ Quality of construction of the spa = less repairs.
3/ Energy efficiency. (thermally closed design vs the old fashioned full foam or partially insulated designs.)

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