Lower Water below Skimmer or Cover Plate


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Question Lower Water below Skimmer or Cover Plate

I have a semi-inground pool that I am closing for the first time. Which is the preferred method to close the pool ???
1) Lower the water level below the skimmer and return lines and then put the winter cover on accordingly.

2) Maintain the water level and cover the skimmer inlet with a cover plate.

Or does this just come down to personnal preference ??? I live in NY where I normally get a fair amount of rain/snow over the winter.
Interested to here thoughts about this.
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Pools and care

being the area maintenance supervisor of a property management
company, we require that the pools in all regions to be maintained
as if they are always ready to use. it has just seemed more cost
effective for the company to leave them running as if it were summer
time. since we have been doing this it has cut down on season start-ups, and has decreased the amount of prep to the pools, when the real season opens.

this is just my suggestion, hope it helps a liitle.

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Depending on the pool type, you may still want to lower it. Gunite pools with a tile border need to be lowered 6" below the tile line. This is to prevent damage to the tiles when the water freezes.

Vinyl pools have the option to keep it up. If you have the ability to blow the lines out with an air compressor or shop vac, I see no reason to lower the water lever (other then to waste money). Even if you can't force the water out of the lines, you can still drain, plug, and refill the pool immediately. You are going to fill it in the spring anyway, so there technically is no additional water used. Either way, by keeping the water level up, you will see less wear on the cover, less water to remove.
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Thanks for the advice. Since the is a semi-inground pool I have no lines to blow out. I will just disconnect for the winter. I see from a maintenance stand point how the will make spring openings easier.
Not a lot of post so far but no one has spoke in favor of lowering the water level below the skimmer.

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