DIY In-Ground Pool Installation

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Question DIY In-Ground Pool Installation

My husband and I are both fairly handy, and do well with small remodeling jobs around the home. In an effort to save several thousands of dollars, we were considering getting a Do It Yourself Pool Kit, and installing an inground swimming pool ourselves. I also have a couple of handy family members who would be helping. Is this an impossible task, or do people actually do this successfully? I asked a pool store and, of course, they said that they did not advise anyone to install their own pool, and that they should use their fantastic contractors for $15,000 more. Is this something that regular people can handle or should I just forget it?
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Its a lot of work but you can do it. with the vinyl pool liner set ups. But for cement pool Id say have it done.Check code for where you live first. on how it has to go in.
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you can do it yourself, or you can have someone do it for you for a lot less than 15,000. we sell kits, with full building support, and if you screw up, we can bail you out with one of our guys to do it with you. tell me what you're planning to do and i'll get you specific info and pricing.
don't expect pool builders to help you out in your area when you are cutting into their business.

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I've been building pools for 17 years and went to Isreal to teach a company there to build inground vinyl pools. I've helped many homeowners do it theirselves. Make sure you do it properly or you'll have big problems down the road. I would stick to a rectangle. If I can help let me know...
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A long time ago (1969) my family put in our own pool. It was a LOT of work but the crew consisted of:

my dad, my mom, and the kids. I was 11, little bro 9, two other bro's 13 and 15 and sis, well I don;t think sis really did anything but wait for the water so she could "sunbathe". I never understood that. You hang out at the beach or pool and lay there and roast yourself. I don;t see too many people doing it when they aren;t around a pool or lake. Odd.

But I digress.

We had the hole dug by a guy that was fantastic with an excavator (very important, you do not want to disturb the dirt any deeper than you need)

The steel walls were fun when you weigh little of nothing (I used to be a small person. HHmmmm, wonder what happened?).

Dad is a perfectionist (which actually is a good thing) so when we put the sand in the bottom and shaped the bottom, it had to be perfect.

The most fun was putting in the liner. As we pulled it across the walls. it was so heavy it was pulling me into the pool. There I was hanging by my, well you can imagine, I'm a guy and it has already pulled me in past may stomach and was pulling me in further. At 11 yo, there isn;t a lot after that to stop you from sliding right into the hole in the ground.

About then, dad grabs my ankles and yanks me back out of the pool and we got back to business.

All in all, it is not that difficult to do. If you have a bunch of friends and a dry spell of weather, not a bad job.

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