Better Insulation- good or bad idea?


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Question Better Insulation- good or bad idea?

Re: additional insulation
1) Any one know what is the R-value of the 1.5 pound density foam used in the cover for the Hot Spring Jetsetter hot tub (R-value/inch)?

2) I am thinking of getting a sheet of Owens Corning Formular (extruded polystyrene) rigid insulation and cutting it to shape of the waterline and letting it float freely to further leasen heat loss. (It is R10 or R5/inch). Is there any reason I should not do this? For example, any chemical reaction between the polystyrene and the chemicals added to the water, that could affect component? If there is a reaction, I could encase the polystyrene in 6 mil plastic.

Despite the extra hassle of removing an extra cover, it seems it would save a lot of energy during the cold winter months here in Rochester, NY.

3) Also, any reason not to add some encapsulated fiberglass blanket insulation in the equipment compartment just during the winter months? I realize you don't want the equipment to overheat, but it seems like an area for significant heat loss during these cold months?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, Chuck
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I would use R-5 per inch of thickness as a good estimate for the foam.

When my first cover died I used 2" thick foam for a cover. I had it supported by the edges so it was not in direct contact with the water. There was no change in the foam and it looked good as new after 6 months but I use ozone and the Nature2 system so there was no chlorine or bromine which might cause a problem.

Insualating the equipment space is a tough call. Insulating the plumbing is not a bad idea but the pump motors could overheat if insulated too well. You could try a layer of rigid foam on the inside of the access door and seal any cracks to prevent cold winters air from blowing inside. If you have an ozone system it needs to draw it's air from somewhere and most ozone generators do not like to be hot.
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spray foam 7.5 per inch!

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