I'm totally stumped here..HELP !!


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I'm totally stumped here..HELP !!

Please bear with the long post. I'm at my wits end and want to give as much info as possible. Thanks for reading.

Spa Type: Gerico

Pump Type: Hayward

Electrical: 120V, single pump, no blower, GFCI protected

Spa Pack: Brett Aqualine

Controller: Techmark Topside, mechanical/pneumatic

Approximate Age: 15-20 years (I'm guessing)

Problem: I had an issue with overheating. The tub would heat up to 115F, and the limit switch would trip. THe pump would stay on, but the heater was de-energized, as it is supposed to be. After things settled down and temp dropped a bit, I was able to push the limit switch back in and the spa would heat and control normally.

So the fun began. I first replaced the topside control, which was garbage anyway, with a new techmark unit. The spa worked great for about a month. Then, the problem occurred again; the tub temp was 115 or so, the limit switch had tripped, but this time the pump kept running.

Funny thing was that I couldn't get the pump to turn off. The only way was to pull the plug; i.e. de-energize the unit.

So now I'm thinking the problem is a stuck relay. So I replace that, and while the spa pack is disassembled I decided to also replace the high-limit switch and the pressure switch, just to rule out as much as I could. The parts were cheap and the existing ones were old.

I also checked the continuity on the heater terminals, and got the expected 10-11 Ohms. I did not check voltage, as this was on my workbench, not in place and I had no power.

I get everything back together, made sure the wires were connected as they were before (I numbered the wires and the locations prior to disassembly), put the spa pack back and filled the tub.

Well, I plugged the unit in when the tub was empty, nothing happened; the pump did not go on, which is good, because it shouldn't if the pressure switch is working. So when the tub was full, or full enough to trigger the pressure switch, the pump came on. This is with the thermostat at the lowest setting on the dial. The 'heat' light on the topside lit up, but the heat light on the spa pack did not.

So the problem persists. I have no heat, and the pump cannot be turned off except for pulling the plug on the unit, in either mode (auto or manual). When I depress the 'jet' button, the jets come on. When I depress it again, they go off, and for a split second the red heat light on the spa pack comes on, then it goes off. Of course when the jets are off the pump comes back on again.

It is not likely that I made a mistake connecting the wires, nor is it likely that the heater is not getting power. I will check and re-check, just to be sure. And the contactor, high limit and pressure switch are brand new. The topside is 1 month old. I'm stuck !

Anyone have any ideas? If necessary, I can identify the electrical connections to and from each device (high limit, contactor, topside, etc).

Thanks everyone !!
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Your sequencing relay is probably bad. And your new pressure switch is out of adjustment. By the way, the pressure switch has NOTHING to do with not allowing the pump to run. It's sole purpose is only to prevent the heater from operating if there's no water circulating through it.
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thanks dr. spa. I realized the issue with the pressure switch last night. That will be easy to adjust. What is the sequencing relay? Different then the main contactor relay that I just replaced?

Thanks again.
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The sequencing relay or switch is a device which controls the power to all the parts of your tub, except for the light. I is a step switch: once for jets, again for jets and blower, again for blower only, one more to go to 'auto heat' mode.

It may be powered by air from the air push button, or it may have an electric coil. If it has a coil, then there will be an air sensor which responds to the air pushbutton and triggers the coil.

They are usually ordered according to the color of the cam in the heart of the thing - or the sequence if electric.
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I went ahead and ordered a new spa pack. The existing one was from the mid-80's, has no manual, and has given me nothing but trouble for the past year.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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