transporting a used hot tub


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transporting a used hot tub

Hello to all,

It's the old story. Friend has tub. Doesn't use it anymore. Has been winterized for 3 years. Wants to get rid of it. Tub is 7.5' square. I have truck with knuckle boom that can easily pick up. Question is, how can it be transported 20 miles on its side and also which side? thanks, JB
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I am by no means a "hot tub expert" unless you want to consider me spending 1000's of hours in the tub as a qualification for such.

I would not think transporting the thing on it;s side would be a good idea, especially a used unit. All the tubs I recall seeing are made of fiberglass with an acrylic surface. Transporting it on it;s side, to me, would tend to impart some stresses on the tub that may cause some damage (read: cracks)

ship it flat and be careful whenever tipping it to put whatever lift sling or whatever you are using under the tub as that will also flex the tub and may cause some problems with cracks.
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Thanks Nap,

That really makes sense. A few bumps on the road and anything mounted or bolted to the fiberglas could shear off. I better find a flat bed. Thanks
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If you have to transport it on it's side, do so pump side down.
Secure any loose items, put an old blanket (or one of those movers blankets) to protect any surfaces that might touch the truck.

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