Biodegradable chemical "acid wash"


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Biodegradable chemical "acid wash"

My inground pool (plaster or gunite - not sure) has picked up some staining from over the winter (no cover - first year). It isn't overly disgusting but it doesn't look at all inviting.

I noticed these chemical kits at the pool store that claim to do an "acid wash" effect of sorts without draining the pool. Just add the stuff to the water and let it sit, with no concerns.

One product was a 'kit' box that cost about $300 and the other was maybe a liter size bottle ($30) that my pool, of about 23,000 gals, would need about 3 of. I forgot to remember the names of the products.

Has anyone used this type of cleaner and are they a viable (read - $$) alternative to a drain and wash style cleaning?
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if the staining is minor and the plaster/gunite is white you can place a chlorine tab over the area. this will work only in a chlorine pool. if the staining is major you can use a stiff brush with a gel pool cleaner and scrub it. i would be weary of anyhing that may produce a acid wash with out draining. and make sure you do a complete balance or you water chemistry, this is imperitive for gunite pools.
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I had asked that question - how do you get the product out? I think the guy mentioned a neutralizer that is needed. I still haven't addressed the problem yet so nothing to report about that product.
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Cost wise Id kick up the chlorine high and see what that does first. You can lower it anytime after that. Now a pool is built by gunite cement over the rebars after that sets then that white "plaster" is marsite or now called diamond brite put on and the pool filled right away while it is still wet

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