Popped/heaved pool - can it be repaired?


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Popped/heaved pool - can it be repaired?

I'm considering buying a "fixer-upper". I can handled pretty much anything in the house. But there is a real problem with the pool. The last owners drained it and left (foreclosure).

Due to heavy spring rains in the DFW area it has now heaved out of the ground about 2 ft on one side of the pool. From what I can see there are no cracks yet in the gunite shell.

So is it possible to repair this? What's the most cost effective approach? what approach will give the best results?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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i have never heard repairing a heaved pool in the 16+years i'v been messing with pools. i'm not saying it cant be done, but anything is worth a shot. the main concern is the structure and then the plumbing. if you can get it to settle down it may be fine, then you'll have to excavate around the edge to repair the plumbing.

i myself think it is a lost cause, but i've been wrong before.

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