installation of new pressure switch


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Question installation of new pressure switch

I have a natural gas Hayward CZ in-ground pool heater. The pressure switch is defective so I bought a new one. I have googled around for some general installation instructions and/or hints but can't find any. Can someone give me some help, or provide a link, so I do the install correctly?

Thanks in advance,

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I've never heard of a Hayward CZ model. If you can provide a model number that would be helpful. Most Hayward gas heaters are a "H" series model.
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no, it may be an older model but its definitely the correct model type. I think the CZ stands for Comfort Zone. Here are some links:

the model number is CZ2001. Its a 200K BTU unit that is about 12-13 years old. the switch is black with two terminals and an adjustable dial (rather than a screw). adjusting the dial has ne effect but I by-pass the switch by jumping the two terminals the heater ignites just fine. I assume the switch is stuck in the off position.

I'm just looking for a quick step wise description of how to install and adjust it. I think the switch is similar between different models for heaters.


Rick in Indiana
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Thanks for the diagram, that helps.

Changing the pressure switch is relatively simplistic, with the power off, disconnect the two wires. Then, with the pump off. unscrew the water line behind it. Reverse the steps to install the new one.

One word of caution, when you disconnect the water line, make sure water doesn't get on any electronics. If it does, let it dry well before turning the heater on.

Once you install the new switch, you shouldn't have to adjust it. They come preset for underground pools. There are rare times that they need adjusting for above ground pools, but again, it's rare.

I'm not going to get into how to, because if done wrong, you will be looking for a new pool heater as the heat exchanger will burn up.

As easy as the pressure switch is to change, did you check your pump pressure? I see a lot of people that think the pressure switch is bad when the pump pressure is too low or too high.
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pressure seems to be fine-- reading about 15-- after I bump my DE filter. thats what it usually runs.

I am following a Hayward troubleshooting guide that comes to the installer of the heaters. it has a stepwise procedure something like: 1st jump TH-TP and TH and see what happens, then if it ignites jump the two terminals around the pressure switch and see what happens. If the heater ignites then, there's a faulty pressure switch. I had to have it replaced once about 5 years ago but I'm doing it myself this time.

thanks for your help. I'll repost if I have any further questions or problems.
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Hayward CZ natural gas heater

I have a similar heater and the manual. Let me know if you have further questions. The manual is dated 08/94.

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