spa placement


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spa placement

My spa is currently on a concrete slab that is not quite level. I would like to move it to a different location in the yard. Would I need to put it on concrete or could it be put on level pavestone,wood deck, gravel or any other surface?
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First off you should check with your spa manufacture as to accepable bases because different spa construction may require different levels of support. That being said I own a bull frog spa and the manual says I can have anything from a concrete slab to patio stones to railway ties, I dont believe gravel was on the list. When I installed mine I put in a 3" concrete slab myself by hand, I am now moving and taking my spa with me and I can tell you that at the new house I will be just putting in patio stones.

You are able to put it ontop of decking but do to the weight of the tub the deck needs to be custom built to support the weight of the tub. If patio stones on the ground is an option I would go with that, I know 2 other people who have done the same thing with no problems.
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Look under your spa, you will see the supports that will require support. Yes pavers will work, wood deck is ok as long as it is buitl to support the weight of spa, gravel is also ok, make sure to compact gravel or put boards over gravel might be harder to level.

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