hayward heater ht 250


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hayward heater ht 250

hi i am having a problem also with my heater.The piot light will not stay lit after lighting when letting off the button.PLEASE HELP THE WIFE HATE THE COLD WATER 78.....LOL thanks

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From what you are describing, it is likely a bad thermocouple. If you are handy with a multimeter, hook up the probes to the pp and th/pp terminals on the gas control valve. With the meter set to DC volts, measure the current with the pilot lit and the knob pushed down. The voltage should creep upward to over 400mv (500 is ideal). Anything less than 400mv, you should change the thermocouple.
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Just get a new thermocouple for it and put it in. Also clean or blow out good the pilot venturi at the same time. Take the old T/C with you so you get the right one.
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hayward heater

Hi thank for all the help.I had south jersey gas co. come out and check it out and they found spider web in the pilot area and cleaned the connections and its working fine 161.00 to repair.......Now here the fun part,turned it off and try to restart and it WON'T fire back up.I have to have them back out..

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