PVC Leak After Installing Kreepy


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PVC Leak After Installing Kreepy

My problem sounds almost identical to the post by Rschrei518. I had a Kreepy installed on a dedicated suction line that formerly was a pressure line for a Polaris. I've had air in the pump and filter ever since. I mean lots of air--noisy and to the point that when I shut off the pump, the water drops below the dome. It doesn't lose prime, though. In fact, it's weird that when I bleed off the air in the filter, it almost immediatley goes back to the same amount of air, but then seems to stay at that level.
I installed a new Haywood 1 1/2 Hp just before the Kreepy, and only had a slight leak on the pressure side at the top of the pump.
My installers reduced the pipe on the Kreepy from 2" to 1 1/2" for some reason. The pipes from my 2 skimmers and the MD are 2". Would that make a difference?
I really don't want to redo all of the PVC.
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If there was no air in system before the kreepy install, it sounds like when they switched your pressure line to a suction line they either did not glue properly or there was an existing problem with that line below ground.

It does not make a difference that they reduced it to 1.5" I'm assuming they did this above ground at the pump?

When using your kreepy, you are not shutting your MD completely are you?

Picture of your plumbing where they plumbed kreepy line would help.

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