Question about Skimmer/Main Drain


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Question Question about Skimmer/Main Drain


I am now in charge of my parents pool and am trying to figure out everything. They don't know much about it. Anyhow, I noticed that the main drain wasn't pulling water that I could feel. So, I stuck a hose in it with a clog buster attached and ran water. That is when I discovered that it is actually piped to the skimmer (I could feel the cold water going into it). So my question is: Am I missing a part for the skimmer or is this the design? It is, according to the lid, a Baker Hydro skimmer and the only thing inside is a basket. The main drain goes into the skimmer at the height of the top of the basket and the pipe leading to the pump is at the bottom side of the basket. There is also a 2 inch hole at the bottom of the skimmer suggesting a missing apparatus.

Thanks for any help!
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You are probably missing the regulator that will allow you to regulate between sk and md. It goes under your basket. 51B1024 is the part#
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That sounds right but it is hard to understand how it will work from those fuzzy diagrams. I will pick it up though. Thanks for your help.

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