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Suction on pool - strong then within minutes weak or gone

Suction on pool - strong then within minutes weak or gone

Old 10-02-07, 11:16 AM
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Cool Suction on pool - strong then within minutes weak or gone

I have a large inground pool that was put in 1996. I have recently started having problems with the suction.

I have a barracuda that runs while the pool is running. If I connect the barracuda, it will suck for a minute or two after first starting the pump and then stop (no action at all from the barracuda)

I had my brother help me troubleshoot while he was here (in FL) and this is what we did:

1. Took the drain king and hooked it up to each incoming/outgoing connection and made sure the lines weren't clogged.

2. Took apart the motor and verified that there was nothing in the motor causing suction problems (hair, debris, etc)

We cleaned the filters and turned on the pool.

The barracuda worked great for like ten minutes and both incoming/outgoing pipes were working better...then it just stopped (the barracuda). If I disconnect the barracuda the suction is week and the incoming (sorry don't know terminology) is also weaker than before, but still running. I have solar as well but there was no difference when it was off/on.

Before I have someone come in and look at it and tell me I need a new motor is there anything else I can attempt to do?

My pump is 1 HP pump and is over 10 years old at this point.


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When the Barracuda stops, what pressure does your pressure gauge read? You say it's weak, how much ? If the pressure is gone down at the gauge, then you have a problem with the pump, a leak in the line(s), or something wrong with the filter/valve. When the pressure is inadequate, the automatic cleaner cannot work.
Old 10-02-07, 09:30 PM
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Is your pump losing prime when your cleaner stops? Sounds like you have an air leak somewhere if thats the case.
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Ill bet you fine like I did down there.That in 2 pools I had the suction line that you plug the barracuda in has a broken L on it some place in the line. In both I had to cut a hole in the deck to get to them. They where both by or under the skimmer.
Old 12-15-07, 01:09 PM
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Cool suction on pool

Whenever you run a pool cleaner or a manual vacuum head and hose and after a few mins. you loose suction you have an air leak in the system. Vacuuming puts a suction strain on the system and you'll pull more and more air until you loose prime . To find this leak disconnect the vac. and re-prime and re-start your pump. Watch the lid of your pump and make sure the pump picks up full prime(water only in the pump no air) If you can see air bubbles get your garden hose and set the water coming out at about 1/2. Now cup you hand under the pvc male adaptor going into your pump. Flow water over the top of the fittings threads catching it in your cupped hand, if the fitting was pulling air it will now be pulling water and the air bubbles will disappear. Check all fittings on the suction side this way, including the pump lid if they are leaking they will pull air ,fittings on the pressure side will leak water. they're easy to find.The good news is suction side leaks are easy to repair with pool putty which you can find at your local pool store .This stuff is a good buy because you get multiple repairs from a single tube . Just mix it up in your dry hands then get your hands wet and mold it into place. Leave the pump running when you do this and allow it to run for the next 24hrs. this will pull the putty into the leak as it hardens. Note: If you see no air in your pump but you do see air coming out of your returns into the pool you probably have a leak between the strainer pot (where your pump basket is) and the volute(where your impeller is)the part that's attached to the motor . This is the last place a pump can pull air after this point you are on the pressure side of the pump.

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