Hot tub plans for free ????


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Hot tub plans for free ????

Does anyone know a website that I can go too ( which is free), in order to get free plans to build 4 man hot tub ?
Would apreciate it , if you could help me out .

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Just a thought - around here, if you are lucky, you may be able to get a hot tub for little to nothing. People move into a house with a tub and don't want it, so they call a crane company to take it away. The crane company needs to put is somewhere... or try craigslist to see if anyone is dumping one.
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Hot tub plans

If you are talking about a inground concrete spa I'm sorry but you probably won't find plans. These are made by pool guys that have the machine needed to spray shotcrete. I have the CHEAPEST model you will find and it cost me 7300 dollars. You could lay the spa out and have a concrete pumper pump it in but it gets pretty pricey. BUT......
Here's some info that might help. Spas like pools are laid out by digging the hole to the desired shape , including leaving dirt in place for the seating area.
Rebar is then laid out with a pc. every 12". That is 12" from the center of 1 pc to the center of the next in all directions. piping is pushed into place or complete plumbing is done . Then the tank is shot.Pool guys call pools and spas gunite but we are the only people who use this term anymore. Concrete guys will tell you it is shotcrete. Either way shooting it into place makes it about twice as strong as poured concrete. Once all this is done trench out around the spa to complete plumbing or if the plumbing was stubbed out complete plumbing to the equipment.Then you still have to plaster the interior and set tile. Tile must be used around the top at the water line because pool plaster is not supposed to be used in dry(above water) conditions plus it will stain from body oils.
As you can see this is a pretty major job. You may want to try this route instead. Buy an acrylic spa shell then dig the hole and fill the bottom with sand and set the shell in place. Plumb in the spa and deck in around or set it into decking to start with.

Terminology- A hot tub is a tub -usually round-that is made of wood. The first were made of wine casks
A spa is what everthing else is -concrete fiberglass,etc.
I know-seems like a small point but put it here for informational purposes only -please don't be offended.
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