Hot tub base/wiring?

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Hot tub base/wiring?

I am in the process of constructing a new home and we most definitely want a hot tub. We have the option of pouring a concrete pad or building a deck to accomodate our hot tub outdoors. This may sound silly, but we are unsure which would be best, as wiring I'm guessing will be buried in conduit and put in place prior to the pad being poured, or placed in conduit and ran along the joists in a deck? I want a spa gazebo for privacy and year round use, so which would be best for a base when considering the electrical and overall installation? I've never noticed how the electric reaches/connects to the an actual tub in either case. Just curious, but we need to decide!
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Personal Preference

Seems like you have a couple of real good options.

There are a few factors that will help you make your decision, all of which have little to do with the electrical. On a slab, the electrical (when done by an electrician) can be run in conduit along the foundation, and over to the tub either under ground or across the deck. I've never heard of it going through a slab (although it is an option if you prefer it).
Down the road is where you want to be thinking. If you're up on a deck, will it sustain all the weight you plan on having on it. Besides the tub itself, the number of people, patio furniture, grill or fireplace all factor in. Also, is this the only spa you'll ever have. Many people often move to a larger spa in a few years of having their first. Will the deck accomodate a larger tub along with the additional weight? Also, I know you mentioned a privacy gazebo, but when the spa is on an elevated deck, you'd be amazed at the additional view you have, which in turn is less privacy as well, depending on the surrounding areas and future construction.
For a concrete slab, you just have to be sure it's big enough to fit everything you want (just like a deck would).

Hope this helps.
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Depending on what tub you buy is how the electric will connect, some just plug into a 110volt outlet and then there are others that are hard wired to a 220volt. So it depends on the tub you buy.

You will need to decide if you are going to set the tub on the deck where you would have to step up into it, or sink the tub into the deck where you will step down into it. The most popular if the deck is not built yet is to sink the tub in the deck, again you will need to decide on the tub you will buy and get dimensions.

Now what I would do is pour a concrete slab under the tub only that will be sunk flush with the deck then build the wood deck around the tub.

Good luck...

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