spa controller


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spa controller

My controller trips the high limit contactor when switching the system to 'on'. Does not have a GFCI. is an Aquiline 107 controller. the high limit contactor acts like it's trying to close then opens with a flash.

Heater resistance checks OK = 13 ohms
Recirc pump (110V) is OK-tested off tub and is connected to controller. jet pump disconnected.
recirc pump connected + spa side button disconnected= no action-recirc pump no start but No trip.

Reconnect spa side= trip
Unplugged the heater-still trips
Jumpered out flow switch-still trips

Anyone have suggestions?
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spa controller

The high limit is there to keep you from slow boiling yourself! These devices act as a breaker of sorts but when they "trip" read that as go bad they must be replaced or they will not let the heater fire up. If your pressure switch is bad it would allow the heater to fire up with no water flow and the inside of the heater would hit a temp high enough to trip the hi limit very quickly. This is called dry firing and will melt down the element in most cases. so check that the heater light will not come on when the pump isn't running and if this is the case replace your hi limit switch. Alot of systems have 2 of these one that trips at about 113 and one that trips at 125 as a back up.-Note: It is unsafe to be in water at above 104 for more than 20 mins. This is why on some systems your heater will kick off after this amount of time. Hope this helps-ED

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