Air Bubble in Spa's heater line

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Air Bubble in Spa's heater line

I have a Hotspring portable home spa behind my house. After filling the tub with a hose and turning it on, the heater pump would not work. I learned that you are supposed to fill it at the filters to avoid an air bubble in the heater line. Now that I have an air lock (it trips the heater off), does anyone know how to fix this air bubble? Thanks for your help
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Running the tubs jets should do it, if not try to hold water hose in the suction for heater. I've not heard of this happening, but you could also try loosening the union at the heater and bleed the line.
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Cool air bubble in spa's heater

I doubt you have an air bubble in the heater. If there is water coming out of your jets when the pump is running then there's water in your heater. What is probably wrong is the element has a break in it from not keeping the water balance perfect or just age and the gfci for the heater is kicking it off to keep you from getting electrocuted. You should pull the heater element out and check it for breaks or signs of corrosion. In 25 yrs I've never heard of an air bubble in a heater. I have heard of a heater dry firing, coming on when the pump isn't running, which will very quickly turn the water in the heater to steam and either trip the hi limit or melt the heater element.This can happen when a pressure switch goes bad.Hope this helps let us know what you find-good luck
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If you have an air bubble in the heater hitting the main jets a few times will get the air out.

Are you sure that the circulate/filtration pump (not the big jets pump) is working? The circulate/filtration pump should run all the time. Sometimes the impeller in the circulate pump will stick when it has not been run in a while.

Is your spa a 110/120volt model? If so, the heater does not come on when the main jets are running. The heater only comes on when the jets are off.
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you didn't say what model your spa is, & I havn't worked on one for some time, however all the early hot spring spas I remember had a small seperate pump for the heater with the inlet down low in front of where the equipment is , open the equipment door and see for yourself if indeed it has the small pump for the heater if so you will see where the lowest hose enters the spa, wrap a rag around the end of a garden hose and place it at this opening, you will see the air being discharged from the return side , not the jets as that is a different plumbing loop.


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