Want to build wooden hot tub


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Want to build wooden hot tub

I can find cedar lumber, pumps, filters, and plumbing. Having a problem finding copper tubing immersion heater information and aquastat.
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instead of f'ing around,,,

wasting time & $$$, why not buy the kit ? ? ?
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You can buy the pump, filter, heater as a power pack with controls so you can run it from top side. They come in all different horsepowers and heating Kw's

Heaters are made with Stainless steel jackets, not copper. Try to keep copper out of tub.
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Can't find some parts

No problem with copper in tub. I have a copper tubing immersion heater in my tub since 1980. Simply recirculates 140 degree water from my hot water heater. I did have to replace the 3/8 copper tubing about five years ago. I keep the tub hot 24/7 for about $20/mo. A lot less expensive than a dedicated heater. I'd like to find the thru tub fitting and an aquastat thru tub fitting and I can get the circulator and tubing at my local plumbing supply. The other thing I can't locate is an immersion ring that sits at the bottom of the tub for the blower to make bubbles. The ones I can find seem to send the air thru the jets. Anybody have a source?
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What you're wanting to do is quite easy........ The hard part is trying to understand your "technical terms (copper tubing immersion heater ???).

The blower is the easiest. There is nothing like what you want premade. There never has been. You'll need to create the "blower ring" out of flexable PVC. Going through the side of the tub use a Hyrdo Air Extended Thru-wall Fitting with Nut, and a few PVC fittings.

The same Thru-wall fitting is used to run the copper pipe through the side of the tub. You'll also need a brass compression fitting for the copper pipe. 1/2" MPT x 3/8" compression (you might need larger than 3/8" as the outside diameter of the coper pipe may infact be larger). Reduce the thru-wall fitting down to 1/2" FPT, drill out the stop in the compression fitting, screw it in, and you should be good to go.

The temperature probe on the thermostat can be done the same way..... Except instead of a compression fitting, use a dry well.

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