Spa Draining into Pool

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Spa Draining into Pool

Hey Everyone,
I have a pool/spa where the spa is above the pool and has a "waterfall" into the pool under normal filter operation. But now when I shut off the filter pump, the spa will drain out through the spa jets (return lines?) and go into the pool either through the pool's return lines or the pool's skimmers, or the pool's main drain. There are two electric Jandy valves in the pool equipment area; one for the drain lines and one for the return lines. When I swing the valves around so that they block the drains on the pool (skimmers and main drain) and block the return to the pool, fountain (in spa) and the scuppers, I can stop the problem. I also have a multi-port valve that is usually in the "filter" position but I've also bypassed my DE filter by putting it in the "recirculate" position but this doesn't stop the draining - only swinging *both* Jandy valves does this. Any ideas on what might have failed???

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It could be a check valva failure and it could be underground. It could also be a small air leak getting into system causing the vac to break when pump is off causing the draining down.
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Cool spa draining into pool

It sounds to me like your jandy valves are out of position . They should be set so that there is more water going to the spa than the pool to get the waterfall effect into the pool the spas drains should only be cracked open to help keep it clean. These valves may have gotten out of sinc due to a power bump /someone moving them with the switch etc. Its probably just a valve setting if you haven't seen a water lose or you don't see air bubbles from returns when running, which would be a sign of an air leak on the equipment.
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if I understand you correctly , and the way pool / spa combinations are plumbed when you turn both your jandy actuators to spa / spa you have virtually isolated the spa and the only way it could loose water when off [ bleed down would be for either the spa by-pass check valve to be bad or the jandy diverter to be bad,

when in the normal pool / pool mode [ pool suction / pool return ]
water enters the front of the pump , is pumped to the filter then to the heater [ and or solar , if you have it ] and to the return jandy valve to the pool, however if you look at the return plumbing you should see a pipe connecting the pool return and the spa return with a check valve , this is the spa by-pass .

if the spa is draining down after the pump shuts off the spa by-pass is # 1 culprit to look at.

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